Japan’s Health Ministry said 41 new coronavirus cases and nine Covid-19 related deaths were reported in the country on Wednesday.

Tokyo reported 11 new infections and four deaths on Wednesday.

Concerning signs in the south: The mayor of the southern Japanese city of Kitakyushu, Kenji Kitahashi, warned a second wave could be coming, as public health authorities there are seeing a small rise in new cases. After more than three weeks of zero cases, 22 new patients have been identified in the last five days — including eight on Wednesday.

“We will certainly be attacked by a huge second wave if it goes like this,” Kitahashi said.

Japan’s coronavirus breakdown:

17,395 cases since the outbreak began — 16,683 on land and 712 tied to the Diamond Princess cruise ship

889 killed countrywide — 876 on land and 13 in connection with the Diamond Princess

5,180 infections in Tokyo, as well as 296 deaths