In its broadcast, ARD German Television (22.03.2020 20:33h) reported on the situation of the corona virus in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. ARD’s reporting is completely amateur, false and ironic from Autor: Demian von Osten/ARD Studio Moskau. ARD Source

ARD: With holy water and incense against Corona. Georgia’s Orthodox Church calls for divine assistance against the pandemic. Everywhere in the capital Tbilisi they drive on their trucks and hope that it helps a little.

The irony is out of place when it comes to Georgia’s fight against the Corona Virus.

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Let’s have a look around and see what the reliable sources are saying, or something about Georgia:

Business media company Bne IntelliNews which publishes, business news from Eastern Europe, Eurasia, MENA, and Africa writes an article with the title “Why is Georgia succeeding with the coronavirus where many Western countries are failing?”

bne IntelliNews: Why is Georgia succeeding with the coronavirus where many Western countries are failing?

bne IntelliNews has released a story by Alexander Scrivener which praises the efforts of the Georgian government to respond to COVID-19.

Ten recovered from coronavirus in Georgia and 69 stays in quarantine.
“When the biggest health crisis in a century hits, where would you prefer to be: Germany or Georgia?,” asks the author, stating that Georgia managed to prevent and mitigate the spread of the pandemic better than the Netherlands.

The reality of the two countries’ response to the novel coronavirus, however, shows that being rich doesn’t guarantee effective policy in a time of crisis. If anything, the early signs are that wealthier European countries have tended to respond less effectively than poorer ones – at least initially.”

At the time of writing, the death toll in Georgia stands at 0, with just 79 confirmed cases, all imported or directly related to imported cases. In the Germany, 222 have died and, despite very narrow access to testing, there are 39.502 confirmed cases. The German government now considers the outbreak to be unstoppable and has essentially given up on fully supressing the virus.

In fact, the death statistics (which are far more reliable) suggest that the real number of German cases is in the tens of thousands, while Georgia is likely still in double figures.

“Early in the crisis, Georgia took strong measures to prevent and detect imported cases. They not only checked the temperatures of all arrivals but gave out clear information and contact details in case they started experiencing symptoms”


Moreover, Georgia has not denied the danger of the coronavirus and informed its citizens about the deadly effect the virus can have on their health. What is more important, the government also set up a dedicated website and gave regular and clear briefings to the public which reflected the international scientific opinion and World Health Organization recommendations.

“As the crisis escalated in the rest of Europe, Georgia closed its borders and implemented strong social distancing measures, closing all restaurants, bars, and shops apart from grocery stores, banks, petrol stations, pharmacies and post offices.”

Also, all international air traffic was halted except for a few official government flights.

“All this has happened in a country which (at the time of writing) has not seen a single coronavirus death.”

In Germany only when the deaths started mounting and active cases become around 7.000 did the government begin to act and introduce, largely voluntary, social distancing.”

To raise awareness on the novel coronavirus in Georgia, the government has created a website where people can read about what they should be doing as a form of recommendation to keep from the virus, and about what government has done to keep the citizens healthy.