PEOPLE have been taking some interesting approaches in protecting themselves as coronavirus sweeps the globe.
Whereas facemasks and protective gear aren’t an uncommon sight in the days of a global pandemic, some of the more creative approaches will still turn your head – so here are some of the wackiest, weirdest and most wonderful.

Maybe’s she’s come straight from work?
It’s probably cheaper to just buy a real facemask…
Hands-free smoking!
Worth a try?
This mask is vegan-friendly
These guys still had some PPE knocking around from the Black Plague
Assuming there’s a little flap at the back…judging by that poop bag
How many 5ps did these lot have lying about?
I wouldn’t want to bump into him in a dark alley
It’s not quite clear what the function of this even is in the first place
There’s definitely a big hole in this guy’s plan
This one will keep people at a distance, too
This one narrowly missed the cut for Paris Fashion Week
Hope that’s recyclable plastic!
Hazmat, complete with heels and hat
Don’t watch too much TV it will turn your head into a… oh never mind