Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro attended a July 4th celebration event with Todd Chapman, the US Ambassador to Brazil, shortly before getting tested for coronavirus.

The event took place on Saturday, according to a photo posted that day to the President’s official Facebook page. In the photo, Bolsonaro is standing in close proximity to several US and Brazilian officials, in what Bolsonaro said was Chapman’s residence.

No one in the photo is wearing a mask. Chapman is seen with his arm around the President; he also shared a photo of the event on Twitter, saying he was “honored” to host Bolsonaro on July 4th.

Bolsonaro was tested for coronavirus on Monday evening, and expects to receive the results on Tuesday, according to a statement from the president’s communication team.

“The President is, at the moment, in good health and at his residence,” the statement added.

Chapman will also be tested for coronavirus. The US Embassy in Brasilia wrote on Twitter late Monday that Chapman will take Covid-19 tests and follow CDC protocols.

Other top US and Brazilian officials were at the event, including the US Defense Attache, Bolsonaro’s secretary of government, and Bolsonaro’s chief of staff.