The Canadian government says that despite some success in flattening the curve, and a slower growth rate in new coronavirus cases nearly everywhere in the country, the economy can’t reopen until supplies of personal protective equipment are in place for businesses.

“I don’t think we should be talking about reopening any parts of the economy if we do not have a strong plan to protect people working,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a press conference Saturday.
Some Canadian jurisdictions are set to open in the coming weeks but a competitive market for personal protection equipment, described by some government ministers as the “wild west,” may slow the return of some economic sectors.

Trudeau also stressed that Canada is not relying on the concept of Covid-19 immunity to reopen the economy.

“It is very clear that the science is not decided on whether or not having had Covid once, prevents you from getting it again,” he said.

Despite that, Canada is creating an immunity task force staffed with leading doctors and scientists to further explore both anti-body testing and the viability of a vaccine.

As of today, Canada had reported at least 44,137 cases of Covid-19 and 2,392 related deaths.