Massachusetts. Gov. Charlie Baker announced Friday that all travelers arriving in the state are being asked to self-quarantine for 14 days to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The governor also said travelers should attempt to avoid coming to communities in the commonwealth.

“We’re asking that folks considering travel to Massachusetts for whatever reason do not travel to our communities, especially if you have symptoms,” Baker said at a Friday press conference. “Health care workers, public health workers, public safety workers, and transportation workers are obviously exempt from this requirement.”

Baker said the instructions are an advisory — there is no enforcement mechanism or penalty for people who do not follow the requests.

But travelers arriving through the state’s major transportation hubs — Boston Logan Airport, South Station, and Worcester Airport — will be given flyers informing them of the requested 14-day quarantine. Drivers, particularly coming from the south and the New York region, will also see these flyers instructing travelers to quarantine, at rest stops on the Mass. Pike and on roadside message boards.

“We’re taking extraordinary steps here to keep our residents safe, including asking folks to stay home and closing nonessential businesses, every which decision comes with a certain amount of pain and frustration and disruption for the people of the commonwealth,” Baker said.

He said he expects anyone who lives outside of Massachusetts but who is still performing essential job duties in the state to follow public health guidance when they’re not working.

Baker asked all travelers, or returning Massachusetts residents, to comply with the request “for the sake of protecting the most vulnerable among us all.”

“The health and safety of Massachusetts is our top priority, and we’ll continue to take whatever steps we need to to make that happen,” he said.