Concerned residents are reporting a constant stream of dead bodies and bodily fluids at a Flatlands funeral home.

NYPD detectives and Department of Health officials were seen at the Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral Home on Wednesday.

Neighbors tell News 12 they’ve seen a constant stream of U-Hauls going back and forth to the funeral home

U-Hauls don’t have any refrigeration to hold corpses.Some even say they noticed what appears to be blood leaking from the trucks. Police were seen taking bodies out of a U-Haul and putting them into a refrigerated truck.

News 12 cameras were present when a man identifying himself as the owner confronted one of our photographers. They were upset that News 12 was there, but said, “People are coming here saying nobody will take them, they have nowhere else to go. We’re just trying to help.”

Residents tell News 12 this has been a persistent issue and they’re glad that authorities are finally looking into it.

A spokesperson for the NYS Department of Health tells News 12 they were notified about storage issues involving people who have died and alternate arrangements are being made by the funeral home. They add that funeral directors are required to store bodies awaiting burial in appropriate conditions.