A RUSSIAN bodybuilder and fitness model has been slammed for posing in a swimsuit made from sought after masks and a respirator.

Yulia Ushakova posted the coronavirus crisis inspired image on Instagram before joking about the two-piece with her 515,000 Instagram followers.

Captioning the image, the 29-year-old social media star quipped: “I just ordered on AliExpress this trendy swimsuit.

“The built-in valves allows the skin to breath, unfortunately you can’t wear it for more than two hours.

“I don’t know whether this has become a new challenge on Instagram. But I like the idea.

“What do you think?”

But while the post received more than 9,200 likes – others did not see the funny side.

Especially since hospitals are desperately short of medical masks for critical care medics.


One furious Instagram user said: “There is a global lack of masks. This is the worst joke I have seen during these horrible days.”

Another said: “Totally stupid and disrespectful to all doctors and all those who are suffering. Unfollow right away. Enough.”

And a third added: “In the moment when those masks can save a life, this is not the best kind of joke you can do.”

A number of celebs have come under fire for posting coronavirus themed images for likes.

Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni hit out at Kendall Jenner for sharing misinformation about the coronavirus after the model posted an infographic claiming the symptoms of the virus are “mild”.

The fashion darling, who has over 18 million followers on Instagram alone, urged her social media following to not “underestimate the problem” as she remains confined to her Milan home as part of Italy’s coronavirus quarantine.

Meanwhile teenagers are filming themselves coughing on produce in grocery stores and then posting the videos to social media amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Police in Virginia reported they had tracked down two juveniles who took part in the “disturbing trend” on Wednesday.