Europe remains “very much in the grip of this pandemic,” the World Health Organization warned on Thursday. “Today the European region accounts for 46% of cases, and 63% of deaths globally,” regional director Dr Hans Kluger said.

Although Europe is seeing evidence of a “plateau or a reduction” of new cases since the introduction of social distancing measures, the WHO warned against complacency.

“This virus is unforgiving. We must remain vigilant, persevere and be patient, ready to ramp up measures as and when needed,” Dr Kluger said.

Cumulative cases of Covid-19 have increased by 15% over the past seven days, while deaths have risen by 17% during the same period.

Dr Kluger said: “The situation across our region is not uniform. Every country is mapping out its route to a new normal.

Thursday marks three months since WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared the spread of coronavirus a public health emergency.