A 9-year-old boy has died from a rare condition possibly linked to coronavirus, a spokesperson for the Timone Marseille hospital in the south of France told CNN on Friday.

The child had tested positive for coronavirus, but he did not develop symptoms, the spokesperson added.

He was hospitalized for seven days after suffering cardiac arrest and subsequently died of a “neurological injury” as a result of the cardiac arrest on Saturday.

French authorities are “aware of a rare disease resembling Kawasaki disease, with symptoms consisting of inflammation, swollen limbs, skin rashes, and most seriously a heart attack, “ the Director of the National Health Agency Jérôme Salomon said last month.

A spokesperson for the national health agency told CNN today that “135 children have developed this disease since the beginning of the pandemic.”

This is the first known fatality in France.

While this disease resembles Kawasaki disease, the French health agency is calling the disease “Kawasaki-like,” according to a national health agency spokeswoman.

“Kawasaki disease is usually found in children under 5 years-old, while the disease we are observing now targets children from 5 to 15 years-old,” she said.