Germany has on Friday recorded the highest number of new daily infections since early May, according to data published Saturday by Germany’s center for disease prevention, The Robert-Koch Institute.

The country saw 955 new coronavirus cases. The last time Germany recorded a higher number was May 9.

The pandemic had largely been brought under control in Germany earlier this summer, but the government has been warning about new outbreaks of the disease in recent weeks.

The Robert-Koch Institute said laxer enforcement of distancing and hygiene rules, as well as travelers returning from abroad are to blame for the steep rise in cases.

“The number of 955 new infections is alarming. Especially since it is not large ‘hot spots’ but smaller clusters of infections,” Germany’s economy minister Peter Altmaier said on Twitter on Saturday. “The main risks need to clearly be named so that more targeted prevention becomes possible,” he added.

Starting Saturday everyone coming to Germany will be able to get a free coronavirus test within 72 hours of arrival, according to a new directive from Germany’s health ministry.