Germany recorded another low increase of Covid-19 cases within the last 48 hours, the head of the the country’s national agency for disease control and prevention said.

”The number of transmitting cases continues to fall, which is very good news,” Lothar Wieler, head of the the Robert Koch institute (RKI) told a press conference.

Wieler said that the reproduction rate for the coronavirus pandemic in Germany was currently estimated at 0.71– indicating that 100 people with the virus infect on average 71 others.

Some 139 people have died of Covid-19 symptoms within the last 24 hours, RKI data shows, while Germany’s total death tally stands at 6,831.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased by 685, to 163,860.

Wieler said that 135,100 people have recovered from Covid-19, an increase of 2,300 from Monday to Tuesday.

Wieler went on to say that Germany’s test capacity remains critically important, adding that 2.4 million tests have been carried out in Germany since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The RKI has previously said that a few hundred daily coronavirus cases will enable an easing of the lockdown. On Wednesday, German chancellor Merkel is set to discuss further steps in curbing lockdown measures with the German state Prime Ministers.