The novel coronavirus has now infected nearly 3 million people and killed at least 206,553 worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.

If you’re just joining us, here’s the latest on the pandemic:

Britain’s PM back in action: Boris Johnson will return to work today after recovering from coronavirus. He left hospital on Easter Sunday.

Germany masks: People across almost all of the country are required to wear face coverings in public spaces as of Monday. Different states have different rules but most require citizens to cover their mouths and noses in stores and on public transport.

US health secretary’s job safe: President Donald Trump has denied he is about to fire Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar after reports suggested White House officials were looking at the possibility of replacing him.

Food supply concerns: Tyson Foods is warning that “millions of pounds of meat” will disappear from the US supply chain as the coronavirus pandemic pushes food processing plants to close, leading to product shortages in grocery stores across the country.

Loosening lockdowns in Europe: Switzerland will allow some businesses like hairdressers and DIY stores to reopen today, while Italy plans to ease some measures on May 4. However, the UK is “not there yet” on lifting restrictions, according to a junior health minister.

New Zealand eases restrictions: The country will lift some of its strictest lockdown measures at midnight local time. Schools can open, people will be able to buy takeaway food, and take part in more recreational activities.

Economic impact: The Bank of Japan expects the country’s economy to contract by 3% to 5% this year — a sharp departure from its forecast at the start of the year, which predicted slight growth.