The novel coronavirus has now infected more than 2.62 million people and killed at least 183,000 worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.

If you’re just joining us, here are the latest developments:

Trump halts immigration: The US President says he has signed an executive order that temporarily suspends immigration into the country. He said the order will ensure Americans will be first in line for jobs as the economy reopens.

Testing questioned: The US isn’t making any progress on testing, according to the director of the Harvard Global Health Initiative, “We have estimated we need at least three times as much testing as we have right now,” Dr. Anish Jha said.

Ventilator study: Nearly all coronavirus patients who needed ventilators to help them breathe died, a study of New York’s largest health system showed.

Mexico surge: Cases in the nation have passed 10,000 after the largest single day spike of 1,043 was reported. The total includes 970 deaths.

Colombia protests: Demonstrators took to the streets of the capital Bogota on Wednesday, saying they lacked support from the government during the country’s lockdown.

China cases slow: Just 10 new cases were confirmed in mainland China as of the end of Wednesday — six of them imported.

Spain extends state of emergency: The Spanish parliament voted to approve the extension for the third time until May 9, prolonging the country’s stay-at-home order to eight weeks in total.

Loss of taste or smell: A survey of more than 200 patients in Italy found that 67% reported an altered sense of taste or smell either right before or right after they tested positive for Covid-19.