Lebanon is relaxing some of its coronavirus restrictions, known as the “general mobilization,” by increasing the opening hours for some commercial and industrial enterprises in the country starting Monday.

The decree, issued by the Minister of Interior, Mohammed Fahmi, has amended the opening and closing times for factories, wholesale and retail shops, supermarkets, dairies, bakeries, free trade shops such as mechanics’ shops, carpenters, TV production companies, and other establishments.

Other measures include:

People over 65 years old have been asked to stay at home, and only to leave if there is “an extreme necessity,” the decree added.
Public transportation vehicles will also be allowed to operate with limited passengers onboard depending on the size of the vehicle.
All institutions need to adhere to public safety and social distancing measures.
The “general mobilization” measures that were originally announced on March 15 included a ban on public and private gatherings and called for people to remain at home.

On Friday, the Lebanese Supreme Defense Council submitted to the Lebanese cabinet Friday a five-phase plan that includes extending the “general mobilization” measures until June 8, but at the same time asking the Cabinet to “determine the economic activities that will be allowed to gradually reopen.”

According to the health ministry, there have been 707 coronavirus cases in the country and 24 deaths.