New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that while most of the protesting in the city has been from peaceful demonstrators, there were late evening protesting that was “not peaceful, not acceptable.”

As of last night, there is one incident being looked at, but generally speaking, there have been no serious injuries to protesters or police, he said.

“Overall the peaceful protest was handled the way we want it to be handled with officers staying back and protests allowed to continue in the tradition of this city.”

In many instances, police engaged protesters and communities, showing “empathy” and “connection.” “This is what neighborhood policing is about,” he added.

He again referenced video of officers taking a knee with community members and protesters.

These acts are “how we are going to overcome this moment, and move forward.”

Late night in lower Manhattan, the mayor said there was looting. “That is unacceptable in NYC,” he said, adding “were going to address that very very aggressively.”

“That is being fomented by a very small number of violent protesters, that is not what everyday community people are doing, I want to be very clear about that,” de Blasio said.