Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ordering all citizens to wear masks while out in public space amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “We’re asking you, the citizens of Israel, all of you, to wear face masks in public spaces. If you don’t have a mask use a scarf or any other face cover that will reduce the spreading of the virus to others.”


This new rule is the latest restriction by the Israeli government.

The Israeli government has enacted restrictions that prohibit people from visiting parks, pools, beaches and museums and also mandate that they limit social interactions and work from home where possible.

With the country’s coronavirus crisis worsening by the day, Netanyahu has called for an emergency unity government, most recently in a nationally televised speech last week.

Netanyahu this week went into self-quarantine after an aide tested positive for the coronavirus, his office confirmed Monday to Fox News.

The local outbreak has stopped daily life and has led to tens of thousands of people entering quarantine.

According to a report, 6,092 Israelis have so far tested positive for the coronavirus; 26 have died, 95 are in serious condition and 81 are on life support. So far, 241 have recovered.

This week, a United Nations aid agency is aiding impoverished Palestinians — part of an attempt to prevent a mass outbreak of the new coronavirus in the densely populated Gaza Strip.