During an interview with Fox News Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence defended President Trump’s coronavirus response saying he believed there would soon be enough testing to reopen the country.

When asked to give his opinion of the protestors and Trump’s “LIBERATE” tweets, Pence said “the American people know that no one in America wants to reopen this country more than Donald Trump” and that the President is going to continue to “encourage governors safely and responsibly let America go back to work.”

On testing, the vice president said the administration believes that “once we activate all the labs that can do coronavirus testing,” it will be sufficient for any state in America to move into phase one.

Pence said “at President Trump’s direction, we’re going to continue to fully partner with governors around the country and health officials in increasing and scaling the amount of testing — and we have every confidence that we can have a sufficient amount of testing to reopen America.”