Spain is working to ease restrictions in the country and officials defined what the “new normal” will look like as the number of new coronavirus cases continues to fall.

Relaxation of Spain’s confinement measures, which have been Europe’s strictest, will be lifted gradually and in phases, Spain’s Director for Health Emergencies Fernando Simón and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said.

Small parts of the country will start phase one of easing restrictions on Monday, with the rest joining in May 11. This phase will see some small businesses start operating and allow for individual exercise as well as professional sports training to resume. Senior citizens will also be permitted to go outside in ‘Phase One’.

Deescalation is expected to be complete by the end of June, according to the prime minister.

“The better we apply the guidelines and the rules [as set out by the government transition plan] to reduce the transmission risk, the better and faster we can move from one phase to the other”, Simón said today at the government’s daily scientific and technical briefing.

When asked about the use of masks, Simón said in most cases, it is recommended, but not mandatory.

“Not everyone can wear a mask. People with respiratory problems, with anxiety, athletes will not be able to use it, with children it’s not easy” he explained. “A rule about the mandatory use of masks, with all these exceptions, is complicated,” he said.

Spain is the country with the second highest number of coronavirus infections in the world, suffering from a great economic and social toll from the pandemic.