Home delivery of groceries and food is providing a needed lifeline to many residents in Nigeria’s main commercial city, Lagos, who are staying and working at home because of a coronavirus lockdown.

Women who provide food delivery services to homes across the city have seen a boom in business, and for many Lagosians these services have helped make the lockdown a little bearable.

“I had someone say to me that you know I have everything in the house but I just can’t see myself standing and cooking. People that have office lunch service and things like that and they don’t even cook at all, this has been like a life-saver for them,” said Adebola Oshin, a food vendor.

For many, staying at home does not mean there is enough time to cook for the family.

“Food delivery services have helped me a lot because I’m at home busy. Instead of cooking three times in a day, I cook just once and I’m happy,” one customer told the BBC.

Tope Adekunle, who delivers groceries to homes, said business had doubled.

“Before the lockdown, I supplied customers like 10 deliveries every day. But now, that there is a lockdown, I supply more than 20,” she said.