Dr. Anthony Fauci has been mocked as the ‘Patron Saint of Wuhan’ in response to the Mayor of Washington DC proclaiming Christmas Eve to be ‘Dr. Fauci Day’ in the District to commemorate his 80th birthday.

Mayor Muriel Bowser issued the proclamation on Wednesday, marking December 24, 2020 as a day dedicated to celebrating Fauci, a longtime DC resident who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the top U.S. advisor on COVID-19.

‘Dr. Fauci has been a hero to our nation during this incredibly difficult year, working tirelessly to save lives and guide our nation’s response to and recovery from the pandemic,’ Bowser said in a statement.

In her announcement, Bowser touted Fauci’s service to six presidents, his commitment to serve as President-elect Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, and his love for the Washington Nationals baseball team.

She also shared an image of the White House coronavirus task force member accepting a framed copy of her declaration, calling him ‘a shining light in dark times for the nation.’

While Bowser encouraged all Washingotnians to ‘join me in wishing him the happiest of birthdays’, not all were forthcoming with words of praise or well wishes.

Leading the charge of outrage, was outspoken Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, who lamented Bowser, and dubbed Fauci the ‘Patron Saint of Wuhan’ in images broadcast during his show.