China’s Hubei province will lower its coronavirus emergency response level from the highest level starting on May 2, according to Yang Yunyan, the vice governor of Hubei.

Hubei province, which was hardest hit by Covid-19 and is home to the city of Wuhan, will move from the province’s highest designation of “level one” to “level two,” out of a four-tier system.

In a news conference held on Friday, vice governor Yang said:

We have basically curbed the spread of the epidemic.”

This, along with a strict lockdown and fast treatment of patients, has allowed Hubei to lower the emergency response level for the first time since January 24, he added.

Yang encouraged Hubei residents “to stay at home as much as possible and avoid gatherings with other people” while health officials continue to carry out “targeted efforts in the community.”

He said that the government’s focus will now shift to controlling “domestic rebound and imported cases” and monitoring “large workplaces and key groups of people.”