France will keep its borders closed until “further notice,” Interior Minister Christophe Castaner announced today.

During the pandemic, “border closure is the rule, and border crossing is the exception,” he explained. National borders, including those shared with European countries, will remain closed until at least June 15, except for cross-border workers. Other exceptions will be made for family emergencies and for schooling.

French government is yet to decide whether to impose isolation measures on people entering the country.

Travel within France will also be limited to within its regions and anyone traveling farther than 100 kilometers — or 60 miles — outside their home region will be required to show a certificate of clearance.

The French government also said it’s not ruling out a second confinement as a “last resort measure,” French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said today. The government “wants to avoid it as much as possible, but cannot rule it out straight away,” he added.