President Trump says it’s too soon to predict when the U.S. might be able to start getting back to normal after the worst of the coronavirus crisis passes. As America’s COVID-19 death toll races toward 15,000, catching up fast to Italy for the world’s deadliest outbreak, the national stockpile of vital protective medical equipment is nearly depleted.

With pressure mounting to revive the ailing U.S. economy, the CDC has eased, ever so slightly, restrictions to let some essential workers get back to work, but America’s top infectious disease expert says it’s not time to relax, but to “redouble our efforts.”

More than four months after the disease emerged in central China, it has killed more than 88,500 people globally, and the medical community’s best minds are still grappling to understand exactly how it spreads and how to treat it.

Meanwhile, it’s become clear that the disease, far from being a great leveler, is taking a vastly disproportionate toll on America’s poor and minority communities.