German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed her concerns over Germany’s next steps in confronting the coronavirus at a press conference in Berlin on Monday.

We must not become careless and lull ourselves into a false sense of security,” Merkel said. “’We must remain disciplined … My fear is that we must not lose our focus at the inception of this pandemic.”

Preventing a relapse is not only in the interest of ourselves but also for our economy and social and public life, she said.

What we don’t want is another shutdown.”

Merkel cautioned against the false notion that life will soon be safe, and addressed reports saying she was unhappy about discussions involving Germany reopening.

She said Germany doesn’t want to see what has happened in other countries.

‘The wiggle room we have here — that we have given ourselves — this room for maneuver is being implemented primarily by the federal states through the ordinances and the law governing infectious diseases.”

“To ensure we interpret this latitude we have given ourselves as narrowly as possible and not as broadly as possible, otherwise I fear we run the risk of not being able to keep the loosening restrictions under control.”

When asked how she spent her weekend, the German Chancellor smiled and answered, “I obeyed all rules that were submitted.”