Thirteen care home staff have moved into campervans at the care home where they work in a bid to protect residents.

The staff hope that by restricting their own movements, they will reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading at Isobel Fraser Home in Inverness.

The workers have agreed to stay in the campervans for the duration of the lockdown.

Their actions have been praised by residents and their families.

Kirstie Paterson, one of the 13 staff, said by workers sharing the three vans they could cut down on the amount of movement to and from the home.

She added: “We have got the perfect continuity of care for the residents, which is obviously a big thing especially when there are so many scary things on the news just now.

“We’re giving them that comfort and confidence that they need.”

Manager Victoria Connelly said she and the staff were “essentially self isolating as a family”.

Simon Cole Hamilton, deputy chairman of the trust running the home, said life in the campervans would be far from a holiday for the workers.

He said: “It’s going to be hard work for them. They are giving up their home lives, their private lives and it is asking a lot of them.”