Children in Spain had their first taste of freedom on Sunday after a state of emergency was imposed on March 14, bringing some of the strictest confinement measures in Europe in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Children enjoying the outdoors chirped “bien,” which means good, when asked by CNN how they felt about being able to walk outside their homes in the capital, Madrid.

“We appreciate being able to go out because staying home it was getting very boring, even though we have the PlayStation and we can talk to our friends on WhatsApp and video calls, it is good to be able to go out and have some fresh air because we were feeling a bit overwhelmed at home,” Abel Sanchez, 14, said.

The government announced this week that from Sunday kids up to the age of 14 will now be able to play outside for one hour a day while accompanied by an adult.

They are not allowed to venture further than one kilometer (0.62 miles) from their home, but are able to bring out their toys to play.

This sliver of normality brought some smiles to Madrid’s streets. Nine-year-old Lucia Ibanez said that she missed “the streets and the park” the most during lockdown.

“And to feel the air on your face, I never thought I would miss school but I really miss it,” she added.