German hairdressers are allowed to open today after being closed for many weeks over the threat of coronavirus.

Customers must have a pre-booked appointment, and in Berlin, they will have to fill out a personal questionnaire.

Berlin hairdresser to the stars Udo Walz, told CNN he is booked out for three weeks in advance. His Berlin salons have been closed for six weeks.

“I was in the shop this morning, everyone is wearing masks, the customers, the hairdressers, it is a bit funny,” Walz said.

To adhere to social distancing, Walz said every other chair remains empty, which works for him as he has big salons.

“Most of the customers have two centimeters of roots showing. Some of them tried to cut their hair themselves or cover up the color, but that usually went wrong, although I gave tips on the telephone,” he said.

Walz — who has styled hair for Marlene Dietrich, Nancy Reagan and Gwyneth Paltrow — said he has not yet had to lay off any of his 86 employees, but his hairdressers are still hurting financially. “They did not get tips and that is important as we have a good clientele. Their salary was reduced a bit, but we have a great team,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anne Bruemmer, the owner of Salon Heidi in Hamburg, told CNN they are booked two weeks in advance.

In addition to wearing masks, Bruemmer said she must keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters — or about 5 feet — between customers. Her salon is disinfecting seats, door handles and anything else that may have been touched.

If she’s caught violating the health and safety measures, Bruemmer said she may be fined upwards of 500 Euros, or about $547 USD.

“Customers are generally very safe here,” Bruemmer said.